Hiking & Biking Spotlight at McKinley Beach Kelowna

Hiking & Biking Spotlight

The vision for McKinley Beach is to bring about a sincere and authentic community that fuses modern urban living within a natural rural setting. It offers a chance to return to nature and the life values that come along with it. As such, there are many opportunities to take advantage of when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle at McKinley Beach. There are over 20 kilometres of hiking and biking trails throughout the McKinley Beach community spread across 872 acres of land with varying terrain and picturesque locales. Whether you’re looking for a quiet scenic walk or want to bike a more challenging trail network, McKinley Beach has options for all fitness levels to enjoy. There are clear advantages to your physical and emotional wellness when it come to hiking and biking but here are a few highlights that you may not know: HIKING When undertaken on a regular

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Winter sport

Ski Towards a Healthier Winter

While the Okanagan summer offers an unlimited array of activities throughout the valley, the winter months aren’t without their health benefits. Skiing and Snowboarding can burn up to 3,000 calories during six hours of skiing, you can lose up to five pounds of weight in a week, tone your stomach muscles, boost your immune system, and even relieve depression! On average, the Okanagan experiences up to 25 feet of snowfall on the local slopes in a single season. This year, thanks to a passing snowstorm, Kelowna was hit with a record amount of snow, breaking the original record that was set over 40 years ago. With record-breaking amounts of the white stuff hitting our mountains, the winter playground in the Okanagan is bigger than ever this year! These three local resorts all provide their own share of winter fun, exercise, and snow . . . lots and lots of snow:

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Introducing the McKinley Beach Preferred Builders

The developers behind the McKinley Beach community wanted to make sure the construction companies charged with building the homes were of the highest quality and shared the vision for the development. “Each builder’s work throughout the community was reviewed prior to approaching them – both for quality of construction and for flexibility in design,” says Andrew Gaucher of G Group Land Developments. “All of the builder’s we have chosen as the preferred group have a long history in the Okanagan and stand for quality craftsmanship.” Here’s a brief over of the preferred McKinley Beach builders: AUTHENTECH HOMES “It is our promise to build your dream into a reality” – AuthenTech Homes has been building award winning homes since 1991 and has earned a reputation for some of the most notable projects in the Okanagan Valley. While the company is committed to innovation and quality, reflecting the desires and individuality of the

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McKinley Beach presents The Creepy Kelowna Contest

McKinley Beach invites you to get spooky this Halloween week with The Creepy-Kelowna Contest!  Simply enter on our Facebook page for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card to Boston Pizza for you and your family. All you need to do is comment on the contest post and attach a Halloween-themed photo! It can be anything as long as it’s centered around this spooktacular time of year; jack-o-lanterns, Halloween costumes, you being scared/scaring someone else, your haunted house, a zombie, trick or treating . . . etc. The contest will remain open until 11:59pm on November 3rd. A winner will be selected through random draw at noon on November 4th. Get creepy, Kelowna!  Start commenting and attaching your entries now!  Contest Rules & Regulations: 1) Entrants must be 19 years old or over and must have a full & valid Canadian driver’s license. 2) The prize ($100.00 gift card

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Falling leaves

The Okanagan Fall To-Do List

With the nights getting darker, the temperature has begun to drop, and many people are probably already missing the summer heat. Fear not! There are still plenty of things to do in the Okanagan throughout the Fall seasons.  Here are some suggestions from the McKinley Beach crew: 1) McMillan Farms Pumpkin Patch The McMillan Farm has always hosted activities throughout the year for all ages. Their best-known event is the Pumpkin Patch which runs from Thanksgiving weekend to Halloween. The farm opens to the public during this time and offers a corn maze, hayrides, a hay maze, apple slingshot, a petting farm, pumpkins, and much more. Check the site for hours of operation. 2) Downtown Kelowna Small Shop Saturday On Saturday October 25th, the Kelowna downtown association will be presenting the Small Shop Saturday event. This event will showcase the small businesses downtown and includes demonstrations, prizes, food, and, of

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Living room

Top 6 Interior Decorating Tips for Your Home

While developing the McKinley Beach community, we’ve heard a number of home buyers ask about interior design and decorating for their new homes. Whether you’re decorating a new home or redecorating your existing living space, we have the top 6 interior decorating tips to help you out: 1) SPACE Your home may already be spacious but the design elements you incorporate can either add or detract from the visual spatial perception. Simple things like using a round rug on a floor and adding large mirrors can make a room feel larger. Using ottomans to compliment existing furniture or to create simple seating can increase the panoramic view in a room and create the perception of space. Incorporating creative storage solutions into your room by adding unconventional textured shelving (like repurposed wood or metal) that works as both display and a place to keep books and possessions can free up floor

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Construction Worker Building Timber Frame In New Home

Top 6 Things to Consider When Building Your New Home

Building your new home isn’t something to undergo lightly. You’re considering making an investment that will eventually provide you with happy memories and a great location. When building your new home, there are a number of things you’ll want to take into consideration and McKinley Beach has outlined the top 6, just for you: SET YOUR GOALS AND STICK TO THEM The first step, before you do anything else, is to set your goals for building your new home. You’ll want to consider all facets of what your new home will mean to you whether it’s based in practicality or emotional need. Ideally you want to fuse both the practical and emotional to create the most well-rounded experience possible. Architects refer to your goal creation as a ‘program’. This refers to your wish list, your ideals, your plans, etc. Take the time to really consider what you want to achieve.

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6 Tips for Buying a Vacation Home

Ever want to get away from it all? Owning a vacation home isn’t just a great investment opportunity. It also provides the location, means, and opportunity for an escape from day to day life and to relax and spend time in a different world. There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing a vacation home and we have 6 helpful tips that you’ll want to consider before buying: 1) Keep it Affordable While the landscape of financial lending has changed quite a bit, it’s still a fairly simple process to figure out the kind of property you can afford to purchase. There are any number of mortgage calculators on the internet but we recommend speaking with a mortgage specialist for the most accurate information. 2) Think About Extra Costs If you’re purchasing a lot to build your ideal home you’re going to need to factor in all the

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Rocky Mountains Kananaskis Alberta

McKinley Beach is coming to Alberta!

McKinley Beach is Kelowna’s newest beachfront community, embracing contemporary designs and combining it with a tranquil location that is both inviting and unique. For many people it’s a great area to build a new home but for other it’s the ideal location for a vacation home. Every summer, vacationers from other provinces flock to the BC interior to enjoy the summer months along the shores of the Okanagan Lake. With more lots soon to be available at McKinley Beach, visitors now have the opportunity to make their second home here in Kelowna. The McKinley Beach sales team are hitting the road to visit Edmonton and Calgary and will be sharing the McKinley Beach experience at each stop. Food will be served and there will be a special presentation for those interested in learning more about McKinley Beach. The details are as follows: Discover McKinley Beach @ The Westin Edmonton Hotel

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Okanagan Summer: To-Do List Part 2

Tomorrow is the final draw for the McKinley Beach Would You Rather contest. If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time. Head over to the McKinley Beach Facebook page and comment on this week’s Would You Rather post. You’ll be entered to win a $75 gift card to Micro Bar Bites, downtown Kelowna. This week’s Would You Rather question asks if you’d prefer to explore new heights while rock climbing or take your boat for a cruise? The most frequent answer throughout this contest has been ‘both!’ This week’s blog highlights where you can find the best of both worlds here in Kelowna. CLIMBING Thanks to the mountainous features of the Okanagan Valley, there are a number of climbing adventures to accommodate all experience levels. Soon climbers will be able to scale the granite cliffs at the McKinley Beach community. Until then we have a few suggestions for climbing enthusiasts in

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Eating Under the Stars

Summer is a prime time to gather with family and friends, fire up the barbecue or campfire, cook up some exciting dishes to tantalize the taste-buds, and turn those summer nights into perfection. Outdoor chefs will be pleased to know that the McKinley Beach community will feature cooking areas along the beachfront, allowing you to cook in the sun or under the stars. Outdoor cooking enthusiast and McKinley Beach Facebook Fan, Michelle Cutteridge has been cooking outdoors for a while now and has amassed some amazing recipes! She was kind enough to share one of her outdoor masterpieces with us: Open fire Fajitas (Serves 2) Ingredients: – Chicken or Beef sliced thin (around 2lbs) – 1 Onion, sliced thin – Green onions diced – 1 – 2 Jalapeno peppers – 3-4 Red and yellow peppers – Salsa – your own made fresh or bought, whichever you prefer – Sour cream

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Okanagan Summer: To-Do List Part 1

For the next three weeks on the McKinley Beach Facebook page, we’re going to be asking you the question ‘Would You Rather’. By commenting on the contest post, participants will be entered into a draw for gift certificates from local businesses with prize draws happening on Wednesdays and Fridays. Making the choice between which exciting activity you want to take part in this summer can be a difficult decision to make but this week’s blog post is here to help you decide. This week’s question is Would You Rather enjoy a relaxing day on the sunny beach or hit the Okanagan hiking trails with friends? So far the results on the McKinley Beach Facebook Page show the majority of people want to hike and then relax on a beach. What this tells us is that people want it all! BEACH LIFE! There are nine public beaches that populate the waterfront in

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6 Summer Workout Tips

The McKinley Beach community combines a desirable location with amenities and services culminating in a one-of-a-kind location that promotes a healthy and natural lifestyle. The summer months present a great opportunity to take advantage of our local amenities and locations in the Okanagan. Exercise is an essential part of any active and balanced lifestyle and we want to share with you our top 6 Summer Workout Tips: 1) Start Early Daily temperatures reach their peak in the mid afternoon. If you’re planning on working out this summer and prefer not to suffer from heat exhaustion then you’re better off working out earlier in the day. An early morning jog or hike is a great way to get your endorphins firing and prepare you for the day ahead. 2) Dress for Less Lighter clothing is ideal for summer workouts as it allows for quicker cool down periods and better ventilation. Wearing

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5 Ways to Survive an Okanagan Summer

The Okanagan summer temperatures have been known to venture into the high thirties making Kelowna not only a tourist destination but a great place to live. Combine those high temperatures with sandy beaches, a beautiful lake, local dining, and wineries and you’ve got a recipe for a great summer.   McKinley Beach wants to share with you our top 5 ways to survive an Okanagan summer:   1) Venture Downtown Kelowna’s Downtown core is located a short 15 minute drive from the McKinley Beach Community. Bernard Ave plays host to a variety of local and well-known restaurants and bars where you can escape the heat for a variety of great food and beverages. For a unique and locally owned and operated dining experience, check out the Salted Brick on Bernard Ave.   2) Lake Play The Okanagan Lake is 110 kilometers long from the bottom of the valley to the top.

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Top 8 Tips for Home Buyers

8 Tips to Help your Home-buying Decision The home buying market can sometimes be tricky to navigate. With the McKinley Beach community now under development, we’d like to share with you eight helpful tips to help you when you’re ready to purchase and build your new home: Know Your Score Knowing your credit score can often make or break your decision to purchase a new home. Low credit scores can lead to high interest rates and more money down before being able to secure a mortgage. It’s fairly easy and inexpensive to find your credit score using Equifax or through your bank. Research Learning the local housing market is important as it can tell you a lot about the how the value of your property could change over time. A good way to do this is to consult with a real estate agent as they tend to have their finger

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And the Winner is …

Thanks to everyone who entered the Stand Up Paddle Board Contest! McKinley Beach wants to promote an active and healthy lifestyle that takes full advantage of the beautiful Okanagan Valley we call home. We recently ran a contest to encourage people to take advantage of the sorts of amenities that will be offered at the McKinley Beach community. In a realtor-exclusive contest we offered the chance to win a Stand Up Paddle Board worth over $2000.00. McKinley Beach would like to wish special congratulations to Steve Laursen from Royal Lepage Kelowna for winning the contest! “I am very grateful to McKinley Beach, I was truly surprised and happy to win such an awesome paddle board and contest,” commented Steve. Stay connected to the McKinley Beach site and Facebook page for more great promotions, contests, and news this summer! Enjoy your Center of Gravity weekend and drop by our newly opened Discovery

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Last year, Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) was the most popular outdoor activity among first-time participants. You’re probably wondering ‘why’? The Okanagan Lake has been pioneering water-based activities for the last several decades. In the 70’s and 80’s waterskiing was all the rage with loud boats streaking up and down the valley, dragging gleeful victims with two planks of wood strapped to their feet. Since then the field of aqua-themed sports has expanded considerably. In the late 90s, Wakeboarding made getting dragged behind a boat cool again. Wakeboarding cornered the market by appealing to a younger generation who grew up skateboarding and snowboarding and who were badly in need of a new way to hurt themselves while still experiencing an adrenaline fueled state of joy. Other water activities including kite boarding, surfing, wind-surfing, and kayaking have also always been a mainstay here in the Valley. Jump forward a decade and

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